Research and development

Argolabe's commitment with sustainability and renewable energies.

Since the beginning of our business activity, Argolabe Ingeniería had special interest in promoting R&D. We have always had interest in seeking for a product to specialize in. We started from the first day our R&D activities in wind energy designing a 100kW wind turbine for distributed generation from scratch. We took part in GAITEK projects, from Basque Government (Gobierno Vasco) during 2005 and 2006. Later, between 2007 and 2010, we participated in PSE small wind project form Ministry of Science and Innovation (Ministerio de Ciencia y Innovación) Between 2011 and 2012 we collaborate with UPV/EHU (Basque Country University) in several small wind turbines and advanced control systems design projects.


Blade design

3D design

All parts have been mounted through 3D design software to avoid any problem at assembly moment

Blade test

Blade tested in CEDER - Ciemat.

In July 2011 we ended our first R&D project installing a 100kW wind turbine in Technological Park of Miñano, in Álava. Nowadays, this wind turbine is working successfully.
We collaborated in this project with several Technology Centres (CIEMAT, INTA, Tecnalia) and Universities (College of Industrial Engineering of Bilbao, College of Technical Engineering of Vitoria Gasteiz).

We keep supporting and investing in R&D for our high efficient and reliable 100kW wind turbine.

Simulation platform

Wind turbine control is checked and validated through aeroelastic simulations hardware-in-the-loop.


First unit assembled on site.

First wind turbine

First unit is installed in Technological Park of Miñano, Álava

We are currently working on several research projects:
  • AGDA project: Medium size wind turbine for distributed generation and self-consumption. Integral redesign of the medium-size wind turbine to reduce costs, improve its efficiency and increase its reliability. This new wind turbine is called T100 and first serial unit was installed in the year 2015. This project is sponsored by:

  • VIA project: Intelligent autonomous vehicle for industrial use. In collaboration with the EHU-UPV (EUI de Vitoria). The objective of this project is to develop the technology that enables the design of an autonomous intelligent vehicle focused on internal logistics operations in an industrial environment. This technology implies that the vehicle itself scans the plant, locates its position, plans the itinerary and guides itself through its navigation system, safely avoiding obstacles, whether fixed or mobile, which it detects as it passes through sensors, with the ability to adapt to dynamic changes that may occur in the work environment. This project is subsidized by:

  • IkusmenA project: Mobile robot with artificial vision navigation for industry. In collaboration with the EHU-UPV (EUI de Vitoria). The main objective of the Ikusmen-A project is to develop the technology of an autonomous mobile robot with integrated artificial vision and manipulation capacity for its use in assembly and precision assembly tasks, such as those carried out in the final assembly lines in the manufacturing industry. automotive and manufacturing. This project is subsidized by: