31 October 2014
Wind turbine blade load AGDA project Milestone 1 completion.

Main goal of AGDA project first phase, ending with Milestone 1, is to procure wind turbine design and calculation loads.

Obtaining complete structural loads envelope affecting the wind turbine during its entire lifetime, as well as its dynamics and kinematics, is a major turning point in any wind turbine design. From that moment on it is possible to dimension, calculate and validate all of the mechanical and electrical components compounding T100 wind turbine.

2 July 2014
Argolabe wind turbine Euskadi innova Piece in Euskadi innova

Funds from Norway and Island have promoted the wind turbine of the firm Argolabe sited in Vitoria, who has been entitled to an EEA Grant from the CDTI.

29 May 2014
wind turbine manufacturers elEconomista Piece in magazine Energía elEconomista.

Argolabe Ingenieria is mentioned in the following article: “Foreign market, wind turbine manufacturers' lifeline”. (pag 6-9)

Argolabe Ingenieria, is a company located in Vitoria and dedicated to providing engineering services and product development to several companies in different areas, wind turbines among them, whose R&D department has developed a 100kW wind turbine in the past years for distributed generation which the company tries to commercialize...

5 May 2014
100kW wind turbine for distributed generation Piece in Estrategia Empresarial. (pag 12, 1-15 of May)

Argolabe has gained several sponsors to launch its 100kW project called AGDA.
The AGDA project(100kW wind turbine for distributed generation), launched by Argolabe Ingenieria, has been approved among 97 projects more within the first call of the EEA Grants and CDTI.

18 April 2014
Vitoria wind turbine Piece in El Correo de Alava.

Funds from Norway and Island promote the wind turbine of a company form Vitoria.
The firm Argolabe has been entitled to an EEA Grant from the Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial of Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad.