19 April 2016
Sustainable wind turbine Argolabe will participate at the Sustainable Engineering Exhibition at EUITI in Vitoria Gasteiz.

This exhibition will be open from April 191th to May 4th and will be attended by several companies such as Argolabe, introducing their sustainable engineering products with the aim of disseminate the minimum environmental footprint culture.

April 2016
Argolabe is present on LCIP project.

Argolabe has been chosen alongside other companies from Basque Country, France, Belgium and Portugal to participate in LCIP project, focused on reducing environmental impact of their products and services through life-cycle analysis, eco-design or eco-labelling, in three areas: building, renewable energy equipments and waste management.

This project has been very useful since it has been performed a complete life-cycle analysis of the 100kW wind turbine, therefore allowing to minimize its environmental footprint.

self-consumtion wind turbine Installation of 100kw wind turbine first serial unit.

AGDA project last Milestone has been completed, which means the installation of T100 first serial unit. This wind turbine will be used as test platform of the improvements implementes by Argolabe Ingenieria.

This first unit has been installed in Fernandez de Pierola winery, aiming energy saving and ensuring that winery production processes can reduce environmental burden.

September 2015
distributed generation wind turbine assemblying Piece in Estrategia Empresarial.

Argolabe Ingenieria is making progresses in the development of Agda project for electric production.

The 2014-15 main goal for Argolabe Ingenieria is to develop and manufacture a 100kw wind turbine for distributed generation applications.

This wind turbine is focused on power supplying a wide range of locations such as factories, farms, water pumping or treatment plants, desalination plants, quarries, wineries, hotels, small towns, etc.

June 2015
Swimming Championship Argolabe Argolabe is supporting the Euskal Herria Swimming Championship, which is going to be held between 27 and 28 of June 2015 in Vitoria Gasteiz.

The championship will be live stream, on following links: