7 June 2017
Aerogenerador sostenible
Argolabe will participate at irrigation system with renewable energy workshop.

The conference will take place in Madrid on 7 June 2017 and will focus on improve the energy efficiency of irrigation and pumping systems through renewable energies. Argolabe will speak about how apply the wind energy on those installation.

7 February 2017
Only Green Kilowats The proud of be the first electric self-consumption with wind energy in Spain

Piece published in "Only Green Kilowatts" blog, about the electric self-consumption successfully mounted in a winery. It explain how the project has emerged and the benefits of this type of distributed generation.

It shows a real operation graph of this installation, in this graph can see how the electric energy is self-consumption by the winery and the extra energy generated is export to the electricity network, when the generation is bigger than the winery energy consumption. And when it don't have wind resource, the electricity consumption come of the electric grid.

February 2017
isolated grid wind turbine Approved STIER project of Argolabe Ingenieria.

The technical solution addressed in this project is a medium size wind turbine (100kW) able to perform in isolated operation, disconnected from the main power supply , together with a grid supervisor hardware which allows it to connect directly with any other existing micro-grid based in diesel, as well as to hybridize it with other renewable energies.

With the collaboration of:                                                                                                                                                   Sponsored by:
inovación aerogeneradores media potencia

17 October 2016
Pierola wind turbine Fernández de Piérola winery is in the news due to the installation of an Argolabe 100 kw wind turbine for energy self-consumption.

This winery located at Rioja Alavesa is strongly committed with the sustainability and the environmental impact mitigation of the wine elaboration process. With this approach, Pierola has chosen a renewable energy installation that takes advantage of the local and clean resources. T100 wind turbine installation allows minimize winery environmental footprint.

The estimated production of this wind turbine doubles the energy consumption in the winery , allowing renewable energy self-consumption and sell their own energy to the electricity grid.

2016 June
Wind turbine meteorological tower Meteorological tower installation.

Power curve is one of the most important characteristic of a defined wind turbine, since it allows for reliably knowing electric power generated by the wind turbine for any wind speed, thereby enabling us to estimate wind turbine power generated in a given location, even before the wind turbine assembly.

In order to obtain the T-100 wind turbine power curve, a meteorological tower has been installed next to first serial T-100 wind turbine unit, in Fernandez de Piérola winery. This tower design, manufacturing and installation has been made by Argolabe Ingeniería.

It is expected to perform a measurement campaign over 2016 to obtain the wind turbine power curve according International Standard IEC-61.400-12-1 "Power performance measurements of electricity producing wind turbines".