100kW wind turbine

100kW wind turbine Turbec Miñano T-100 wind turbine is focused on distributed generation and/or electric self-consumption applications, connected to power grid. There is a chance of operate off grid, in cooperation with other technologies, both renewable and conventional.

Installation on-site and connection to the local power grid. Connection to low voltage grid without intermediate power transformer.

T-100 has an excellent annual energy production, due to its rotor aerodynamic efficiency, its drive train high mechanical efficacy and its generator-converter electric system elevated performance.

Technical specifications of the 100kW wind turbine.

power curve of wind turbine Its design concept is focused on high reliability and performance, low maintenance and high availability.
This turbine is designed according to international standards such IEC-61400-1 and GL Guideline for the certification of wind turbines.
With 100kW of power rated, it is a cutting edge medium size wind turbine with an innovative concept. Via the self-supporting main frame concept, the drive train only supports loads from torque, removing the rest of transmitted load. This concept provides this turbine low weight and high efficiency.

This wind turbine has been fully developed by Argolabe Ingeniería and it is assembled in Vitoria (Álava). Parts are manufactured by local companies under direct supervision of Argolabe. Commercial components are from national and European companies.

T-100 wind turbine adapts to the different countries current regulations. It can operate in both 50Hz and 60Hz, depending on the location. Its medium size enables an easier transport to any part of the world in containers. It is possible to adapt the wind turbine height according to the location needs.

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